Knechtel considers confidentiality to be a prime requisite in business and has developed internal procedures to maintain secrecy. All our consultants sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) and are aware of the need for protection of intellectual information and other rights. We maintain isolated computers and have developed internal protocols to ensure we meet your secrecy requirements.

Time frame will vary from days to months, depending on the complexity of the project and the requirements of the client.

Our large inventory of ingredients and extensive range of equipment enables us to complete projects on a tight schedule!

KNECHTEL has undertaken projects for all or most of the major food, pharmaceutical, confection and ingredient companies worldwide. Our customers form a wide spectrum from ENTREPRENEURS to large multinational billion dollar companies.

Confidentiality Agreements stop us from revealing our clients!

Knechtel’s rates are consistent to other professional organizations. Depending on the project, Knechtel can bill hourly, by project, and even by contract. We are flexible to adjust our program to meet the your time and budget needs.

Knechtel’s assistance to you and your company is based as an independent consultant. All technology discovered is the property of the client. Knechtel retains no ownership rights on any intellectual properties created during the R&D effort.

Knechtel is a R&D facility, not a manufacturer, and, we do not manufacture/sell competitive products. We do not compete with any of our clients. We have only meeting the needs of our clients in our mind.